Argument was flawed


While I’ve been an avid reader of the Daily Press for a great many years, seeing Gay Kleikamp’s letter was the first time I felt compelled to write in. I find her entire argument to be flawed and frankly not even on the subject most of the time. She is against pot shops, which is fine of course, but spends most of her message complaining about seagull droppings and meth. I find it strange that she seems to be OK with marijuana being available illegally in town, as she mentions that the people who want it know where to find it, but takes umbrage with the city being able to create legal streams of revenue from the sale of marijuana that could be used to fund the cities various works and perhaps if we had something of that nature, the residents wouldn’t be facing a yearly utility bill rate increase, which is felt all the more during this time of crisis. The simple fact is that marijuana isn’t a gateway drug, nor does it cause people to lash out at those around them like other drugs do. It does however bring relief to people who are in pain, and with our ever increasing aging population in the U.P., the inclusion of regulated marijuana sales would only be a net positive to our community.

Joe Leland



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