Symbols of history


From the beginning of time human’s have left symbols of history. Leaving branches of knowledge that records and explains past events which forms the subject matter of a history — a philosophical explanation of their causes.

In Europe there are many, many towns left in their state of ruins after World War II as a symbol of history.

In Japan the people made sure that the domed frame of the industrial promotion hall was left in its ruined state for the same reason — symbol of history.

The United States has a very, very large amount of symbols of history.

Now if you agree or disagree with the philosophical explanation for the symbols of history,it does not give you the right to do harm to any symbols of history any where in the world or have them removed — it does not. History is history. You can not change it. You can put a big black spot on it.

But if a symbol of history is harmed, say a figure of a person that is laying on the ground, it should be left there with all of the defacing of that symbol of history forever . This is a symbol of history also.

Historians will look back on America and think what in the hell was wrong with those people American people you proud of the above? I am not.

Bob Zinn



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