No response from city council


Ralph Blasier claims that his comments about shooting protesters in the legs and letting them crawl to the hospital was just a joke. Really? Or is it simply how he really feels about the protesters across the nation who are, for the majority, protesting injustice within the law enforcement community? This is nothing to joke about or simply speak in jest about. And not one council member stood up and said, “Mr. Blasier, not only do I find this rhetoric reprehensible and inappropriate, but it also does not represent the attitude of the city council or the people of the city of Escanaba.” But instead, the council members smiled uncomfortably. If there ever was a cowardly response (or non-response) to Mr. Blasier’s nonsense, the city council members exhibited it here.

Now, if anyone was to speak in a public forum about dragging the city council out into the street for caring more about the yacht harbor than for job creation or affordable housing, the council would be consulting the city attorney about prosecution. Ralph Blasier should resign. And maybe a handful of other members should follow suit.

The city council is supposed to be comprised of responsible servants of the community, not off-color comediennes who make light of concerning social issues. It’s embarrassing to see that Mr. Blasier’s comments were actually published in The Detroit News. It’s not enough that Mr. Blasier apologized for his comments; he should resign because it reveals his true attitude towards these social issues. And the rest of the council, primarily the mayor, should apologize to the people of the city of Escanaba for not having enough courage to call him out on it.

Dan VandeWiele

Bark River


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