City council should grow up


Jenny: Dad! “Billy Kicked Me!” “It was an accident.”

Billy: “Stop Staring at Me!” “Dad, Jenny keeps staring at me.”

Jenny: “Are we there yet?” “Danny, stop pulling my hair!”

Dad: “Knock it off or I’m going to stop the car and give you all something to cry about!”

Billy: “Now see what you did?” “Now you got dad mad.” Jenny: “Did not, you did!”

This is what makes our first page of our newspaper today? Is this what people have come down to? Are we a bunch of whiners, because someone said something that hurt our ears? Please someone, “Stop the Car.”

You people on the city council should grow up. Sounds like Blasier kicked some of you by accident and what makes it worse, is you’re whining and trying to get back at him.

I know, lets take this issue and run with it. Now is your chance Mr. Lynch. There may be an open seat on our city council. If there is, I hope we get a grownup.

I am reminded of a story in the Bible that tells of a woman that was caught in adultery and the crowd brought her to Christ to see if He would condemn her to death by stoning. He was the adult of the day. It is said, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” One by one the crowd left the scene and walked away realizing that as they remembered things that they were guilty of truly disqualified them to cast the first stone.

Mr. Blasier made a mistake. I think he knows that. Mr. Lynch had his feelings hurt along with many others who want to make an example of him and throw stones. I get that, and it saddens me to think that people are so willing to let their feelings get hurt.

With that said, city council, I’m looking at you. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. Drop the rocks.

My feelings are only hurt when I want them to be. Any response that is a result of this letter will be ignored, as I choose it that way.

Michael Ott



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