Napolitano column


I want to draw attention to the Monday, May 18 column by Andrew Napolitano. I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative every one of us should be concerned about the power the government is usurping on us all. Are they doing this for our “safety” or are they doing this to show us they can and beware if you don’t do as they say because punishment will follow. We all need to be responsible to take actions for our own safety. The government should be giving us correct, updated information so we can make good decisions. Not forcing our businesses to close and tell us what we can’t do. I am not proposing that our government is moving toward the country take over, slowly as Hitler did, but they sure are pushing the people to rely more on the government to live and total control of what we do and think. Time to tell your congressman and congresswomen, state and federal, that they work for us so act and govern like it.

Sue Alexander

Rapid River


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