Don’t forget the taxi drivers


Everyone knows someone who works at the hospital or a doctor’s office or one of the nursing homes. They are all heroes in my book. However, there were also those working on the front lines of this virus. Those workers at Walmart, Meijer, Walgreen’s, Elmer’s, SavMor IGA, and the Southside grocery store. But let’s also remember the people working at the gas stations. They come in contact with a lot of people.

I want to recognize a different group. Since this whole mess began, JN Taxi has been open straight through. Those drivers, my drivers, have been exposed to all kinds of individuals. Shortly after the Detroit area became a hotspot for the virus, one of the drivers picked up at the airport. Those flights were coming from Detroit Metro Airport. Ground zero as far as Michigan was concerned. The drivers took it on the chin, financially, in March. Nothing was happening. We did 25% of our normal business. We took the employees to Meijer, WalMart, Elmer’s and the fast food places. They took the shoppers home after they bought “just the essentials.” Cartloads of essentials. And of course, the drivers took sick people to the walk-in, and other doctor’s offices.

Of course those drivers got their $1,200 stimulus checks. I have several drivers who lost that much, and more in March and April.

Remember the ones on the front-lines; nurses, doctors, and those tasked with the job of cleaning and sanitizing everything. And don’t forget the taxi drivers of JN Taxi, the only 24 hour taxi service in this area.

Tom Grant



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