Absentee ballots lead to fraud


It is shocking at the lack of information you can find in an hour searching the internet for who is responsible for maintaining and upkeeping Michigan’s voters’ records, specifically in regards of death records. Social Security Administration, Delta County government, Michigan state government. Nobody knows, or nobody wants you to know. You see, last week, our household received an application for voting by absentee ballot for a woman who has been deceased for nearly two years. So, whom needs a reminding that she should have been, and needs to be, removed from the database?

It is amazing that nothing has been done to address this. I believe that our local officials should be doing something about this, as well as our governor. For this reason, I do not believe that people should be pushed or forced to vote by absentee ballot. Not only that, but those who do should have to submit a photocopy of their valid driver’s license or state issued photo ID for verification at the time the ballot is received. More needs to be done to make sure our votes count.

Audra Hawkins



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