Tough decisions


Common Sense: Good judgment in practical matters, not necessarily based on specialized knowledge.

There is a proverb that says, “there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is destruction.” I’d like to focus on the “seems right” in this proverb. For example, the government has already told us you can’t pray in a public school; you cannot display a Nativity scene on public grounds; you cannot display the 10 Commandments in any public building; the traditional marriage, one man, one woman, is now viewed as discriminatory; the HHS decided you no longer should obey your conscience, but rather submit to their mandate of supplying abortion inducing drugs in all health care plans.

These government decrees are embraced by some, hated by others. Let’s inject some common sense to all of this, with the premise that there is a God and all will stand before him one day and give an account of our life, all we’ve done, every word spoken, things done in the cover of secrecy. If there is a God, would he agree with the government or would he prefer we come to our senses?

Today we are attempting to navigate uncharted waters. The government is exercising its power and many of their decisions are meant for our good, even well intended. However, common sense seems to be lacking. Specifically, you can get an abortion but you cannot buy seeds for your garden. You can buy marijuana and liquor but you cannot go fishing by yourself, if the boat has a motor on it. You can’t keep your business open that sells bikes, but you can purchase a bike at another store that is deemed essential.

“Coming to his senses” are the words spoken by Jesus when describing the Prodigal Son. The son had just had an epiphany, as he found the path he had chose was leading to destruction. He needed to change.

Governor Whitmer, your intentions may be well placed, but to be blunt, the State of Michigan is not a one size fits all. On Sunday, April 19, your picture was displayed on my computer. You were wearing a hat that said, “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great.” It is the opinion of many that Planned Parenthood, the words, may sound reasonable, but is simply a means of disguising murder. Ask yourself, if there is a God, if you believe in God, would He be a supporter of Planned Parenthood?

COVID-19 is evil and hideous, with too many lives lost. Your decisions are based on the premise of saving lives. Planned Parenthood is not in the saving lives business, as they will kill over 1,700 babies daily. For all people who support Planned Parenthood, type into your computer The Silent Scream. You’ll see a baby punching, kicking at the knife, just before the arms and legs are cut off and the brain crushed. The government calls this a woman’s choice.

Governor Whitmer, may God give you wisdom to make good decisions.

Mike Cousineau



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