‘Safe’versus ‘not safe’


Dr. Ralph Blasier, Attorney Ralph Blasier, City Council member Ralph Blasier:

In your recent letter to the press dated Thursday, April 22, 2020 you stated,“I am hiding out at camp because I am old, and I have heart disease.”

I’ve been reading the obituaries in the Daily Press and most of the funerals are being planned for later dates. Flowers would be nice… but it’s sad that people are dying of COVID-19 alone in a hospital bed with no family around.

As far as tomato plant fertilizer, you can call a small local store and they will be happy to deliver it or put out at the curb for you to pick up. As a gardener for over 40 years, it’s to early to be planting tomatoes in Escanaba and you don’t need tomato plant fertilizer from a can…try compositing!

As far as your comments, “the issue should not be “essential” versus “not essential,” decided arbitrarily. The issue should be “safe” versus “not safe,” with the application of some science.” Wow! I’m truly disappointed that you as a doctor would accept the application of some science and not science!

I hope everyone can stay safe, healthy, and not die alone.

Ann Fix



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