Cancer patients need access to treatment at home


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every part of our lives. For those battling cancer, the impact can be terrifying and life-threatening.

A recent poll from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network found of the over 1200 cancer patients and survivors surveyed, half have had their cancer care impacted by COVID-19. One-third of patients say they’re worried about the impact the virus will have on their ability to get care, especially those in active treatment.

Lawmakers can help ease this concern and make treatment more available while stay at home orders are in place. By easing access to and affordability of oral chemotherapy drugs when medically appropriate, patients can get their treatment at home, with fewer interruptions than going into a clinic to receive it intravenously.

As a caregiver to cancer patients and the ACS CAN U.P. Act Deputy Lead, I am urging Michigan lawmakers to enact oral chemotherapy fairness legislation.

Make access to treatment easier for cancer patients during this difficult time and help ease pressure on health care facilities by allowing patients to access treatment at home.

Jennifer Smith



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