Why are people hoarding


What for?

For leaving no toilet paper for the rest of us, including us seniors (a handicapped vet and his wife — both in their 70s).

I went to Elmer’s on the 18th of March to get what we needed ‚– toilet paper. Some greedy (one of the seven deadly sins) people cleaned the shelves bare.

Well, necessity is the mother of invention, so I grabbed a package of paper napkins, one of the very few left. Instead of fear, I chose to thank God for the package of napkins. Happy to report they are much better than the pages of the old Sears Roebuck catalog Grampa used to keep in the outhouse. They work better than toilet paper because I only needed one sheet!

Important: If you are forced to use something in place of toilet paper, do not flush or it will clog your pipes! Use separate waste container and dispose of daily or as needed.

We will get through this if we help one another. “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

George E. Hansen III



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