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There has been a lot of talk in our community lately about the senior center acquiring grant funds for building improvements that would benefit the seniors of this county. We understand there was a point where they had completed an application and been given the indication that they had been approved, only to be told by the newly appointed city council that they had to start over. This is such a disappointment to hear that they would have to scale back their plans.

A few years ago, the senior center tried for a millage to enlarge the center. It was defeated. However, this grant opportunity arose and the people involved have done all required of them to qualify for the grant. The city already owns the current building (which means, we as the taxpayers own it) and the senior center, self-funded by community donations, millage dollars and a few programs that provide revenue, would therefore require no additional cost to the taxpayers to complete these improvements.

Our senior center is a vital part of our community and is a resource not only for seniors, but for everyone in our community. If you read Ms. VanDyck’s articles in the Pioneer Tribune you will see the many activities that take place at the center. Activities such as programs for seniors to socialize, have dinners, and hold celebrations. There are health clinics, home aides, meals delivered, transportation and a medical equipment loan closet that is open to the community. They help with home heating and property tax credits, food coupons, provide exercise classes and they also support our local military heroes by sending boxes of donated goods. It is also overcrowded and in need of many upgrades. With the improvements that were planned, we are sure that there are many other services that could be provided.

There is quite a history with the senior center that is very interesting and we need to preserve that history and support its future.

A large majority, close to 50%, of Schoolcraft County is 55 or older and it continues to grow in senior population. We think we need to put our resources and energy into supporting the senior center. Let our city council know, as well as the senior center, that we support them.

Sherri Krause, Brenda Rath, Mary Davidson, Carol Sinnave, Clyde Johnson, Liz Macklem, Ingmar L. Levine, Cindi Nelson, Jo-Nell Berger, Dorothy Ozanich, Donna Penny

Schoolcraft County


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