Yes, we need a dispensary


Do we want marijuana sold here? That was the title of the letter to the editor. Next, I glanced at the name…William Gasman. With amusement, I read on. You see, one day while working in a shop on Ludington last summer, Mr. Gasman came in. He was asking if we would hang a poster in the window supporting law enforcement. It soon became apparent that Mr. Gasman’s ulterior motive was to discuss marijuana dispensaries.

A little about me… I’ve been using cannabis for my MS since it became legal and have done my research. It helps my MS symptoms.

Mr. Gasman proceeded to ask me how I would feel if there was a dispensary right there on Ludington Street. I told him that I use cannabis and was in favor of a local dispensary. Mr. Gasman agreed that it was okay to use it for medical reasons but that we should not support recreational use. I told him that I was pretty knowledgeable regarding cannabis and would be happy to discuss further as long as the conversation remained factual. Mr. Gasman sat down and we did have a short conversation that ended abruptly when he claimed that recreational marijuana was different than medical marijuana. When I pressed as to whether he meant cost or CBD heavy vs THC, he indicated that the marijuana itself was different and that the recreational was more addicting.

Needless to say, a plant is a plant. There are different strains but the strains have different properties, i.e. uplifting vs couch-potato. Some plants are not more addicting than others — by the way, marijuana is not addicting; one can develop a dependency but not a true addiction.

Mr. Gasman, I would like to see a dispensary in Escanaba. I find it both troubling and amusing that you continue to spread falsehoods. Those who oppose it may want to educate themselves.

Teresa Ross



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