Halloween festivities


It was a Halloween-esque evening. Dark clouds. Rustling leaves. Chilly. I live on South 14th Street. We had several neighbors in the yard with their goodies for the kids — it was a trifecta. Not to mention a friend (David) who always comes sliding by with his high-class goodies to entice our trick-or-treaters. We usually have a lot of the creatures of the night laughing and shrieking as they scurry house-to-house (or being carried by a parent), but Halloween of 2019 was different. There were fewer kids. It was quieter. Somber even. Imagine my surprise when one of the parents answered my question as to where they were. I was told the mall was having a Halloween festivity from 5 to 7 p.m. too. I was surprised… and very annoyed. Many of us take a lot of time and expense to get ready for this night. If you want to have a Halloween event, please consider planning it for another date/time. For years we had to deal with the Halloween festivities at the schools cutting into our fun. In the meanwhile, as I told many visitors — Halloween is on Saturday next year. Oh, what a surprises there will be.

Josephine Danielson



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