No place for solar farm


Sure we need solar energy, but not from a utility-scale solar power plant in our back yards in Escanaba Township.

Would you allow that?

This belongs in an industrial zone. Others are built on public lands brownfield lands. The definition for Brownfield Land is “Any previously developed land that is not currently in use, whether contaminated or not. The term is also used to describe land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes, with known or suspected pollution including soil contamination due to hazardous waste.”

The City of Escanaba Brownfield Plan has about 20 properties, some of which might qualify. The city will reimburse developers the costs for the re-use or re-developed land. This would benefit everybody.

The issue with us is that it shouldn’t be built near residential zones; on greenfield lands such as farmlands.

You’re probably thinking, who cares, it’s not in my back yard. Why is it that all the people who want it, won’t be living by one? But if it’s approved here, they might put one in your backyard. Other solar companies make compensation for those surrounded by these solar plants to help them when their property values are affected.

But these companies won’t be. Everybody will benefit except us.

Orion’s application was submitted to the Escanaba Township July 8 ; approved July 22 of this year. Just two weeks later? Should this be approved in one meeting? Shouldn’t the magnitude of a project this size be studied more? They didn’t visit a solar farm of this size constructed by Orion. Pictures don’t give you the up close magnitude of one.

Be prepared, these solar companies will most likely build others near you.

Warren Bovin



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