Solar farm in Escanaba Township


Do you know that the Escanaba Township Board is proposing a giant solar farm for the Flat Rock area?

The solar farm will encompass 1,800 acres — to start with (1,800 acres of solar panels are equivalent to 1,378 football fields). Is this what you really want? The solar farms will smear the beautiful landscape as you know it, and possibly cause contaminated drinking water, excess noise, fire hazards, danger to wildlife, etc. The “plans and construction procedures” are already in motion — many of which are currently being held behind closed doors. Get involved by attending the Escanaba Township Board Meetings, call or email your local representatives, Ed McBroom at 866-305-2038 SenEMcBroom@senate.michigan.gov and Beau LaFave at 517-373-0156 BeauLaFave@house.mi.gov. You can also donate your time, talent, or money.

Norman Chenier