Praise for police


At 11:35 on July 9, 2019, the manager at Hardees Restaurant came to our table and told us to leave as quickly as possible as there was a man with a gun. I and my friends, Larry and Dave, wasted no time in leaving, as well as another gentleman. Police quickly showed up from everywhere and were well armed. They hustled us over to a nearby hotel and made us go inside. Apparently, from what I knew at this point, a man handed a waitress a note saying he had a gun and wanted all the money. He then went into the bathroom. The police managed to talk him out of the bathroom and took him into custody.

In my 30 years as a corrections officer, I have seen many situations that were considered dangerous. I have to say this: the professionalism and response by the Escanaba Public Safety, Michigan State Police, and Delta County Sheriff Department was the finest that I have ever witnessed.

I have to give a gold star to Hardee’s manager and her staff for ensuring we evacuated safely. Myself being disabled, and on oxygen was surrounded by the employees. I have nothing but praises about Hardees and well-trained staff.

William G. Nelson