An Upper Peninsula tribute


O, say can you see?

O, say can you see: Amber waves of grain, rivers and inland lakes, gorgeous U.P. vistas.

By the dawn’s early light: Sunrises, northern lights, Big Mac from miles away, eagles.

What so proudly we hail: Hailing from Bessemer, Channing, Fayette, Calumet,Trout Creek and more.

At the twilight’s last gleaming: Sunsets, roaming deer, a moose, long days in June.

Whose broad stripes and bright stars: Broad U.P. landscapes, and bright summer days; however, summer should get a speeding ticket.

Through the perilous fight: Even the small fight that gave us the U.P. and burned Ohio with Toledo.

O’er the ramparts we watched: Views at Lake of the Clouds, Brockway Mountain Drive, Stonington Cliffs, Menominee River Gorge, Soo locks, all those waterfalls.

Were so gallantly streaming: Shooting stars, streaming streams, cricks or creeks and streaming fireworks on July 4 (or 6).

And the rockets red glare: Red fox, red sandstone, red sunsets, red berries.

The bombs bursting in air: Bombs sent to Hurley, Niagara, Marinette, cheese-head cities and at all trolls.

Gave proof through the night: We don’t need proof for U.P. pride. Utterly and uniquely precious.

That our flag was still there: And we all stood up for it.

O, say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave: At courthouses, Forts Mackinac and Wilkins and all veterans’ graves.

O’er the land of the free: hiking, sightseeing, fresh salt and shark free waters, swimming, berry picking, fishing, all free.

And the home of the brave: Again, U.P. vets — pioneers, tough SISU Finns, and Gladstone “Braves”.

Happy, Safe Independence Day; let us be all grateful.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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