Rising cost of gas


The U.S. is an exporter of oil. We are reported to have more oil and natural gas than any other country. So, in the last week or so, there have been stories about Iran and how they have been unable to sell oil anymore because of sanctions from us, the U.S. This is supposed to increase the price of gas we pay. Why? We are energy independent, right?

In the last two months, about 65 days, the price at the pump has gone from $2.37 a gallon to the price today of $2.99. That is about a penny a day increase. A penny a day doesn’t seem like much but when it happens every day it starts to add up.

And this is before the increases that the so-called” experts” are predicting. Interesting that these so-called” experts” are funded by the oil companies. Some of the recent increases are due to the universities that are done for the year. In Marquette, we used to raise our prices when NMU was done for the year. All of the families traveling to pick up their kids.

So what will happen in the next couple of weeks? The rest of the NMU and Michigan Tech students go home. I am sure that by the 20th of May we will see a major jump in price from upcoming Memorial Day, and the Iran thing. I’m sure there will be a story somewhere about the change-over from the “winter blend” to the “summer blend” gasoline. What a crock! They used to always have some refinery fire or refinery off-line for major repairs. This year they have built in excuses for increases.

We are self-sufficient in oil reserves and supply, but what good does that do?

Tom Grant



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