It’s too expensive to live here


At least we in-a-fix/fixed income senior had a chance to vote on Tuesday. We weren’t even asked about the 45 percent water rate increase. Couldn’t it be incremental or funded by a grant?

Then, were told that the mall sewer ownership has cost for Esky. The Dial Corp. has a stranglehold here.

Then upgrades to Pioneer park are coming, at a cost of $33,500 plus $20,000 .

At least Sen. Stabenow on her recent visit (hopefully not just a photo op) said she is going to seek grants for our commendable drug court program. And State Sen. Ed McBroom’s bill has moved on to the Senate. May it pass! So far, even despite LaFave’s (and predecessors) efforts they’ve been unable to crack the hospital insurance code that now keeps us in bondage to excruciatingly nationally highest car insurance rates as we drive our ever older cars down punishingly pot hole infested streets. Anyone lured by slick “come to Michigan” ads will soon find it’s too expensive to live and drive here — especially as the new governor wants 45 cents more per gallon on gas to fix the streets. Will we see it?

Please count the number of seniors — you in government — before you ask for more tax increase no matter how worthy the cause. Decrease government cost and eliminate some items on our growing tax list

Fran Balcerak



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