Five applications for DDA board


This letter is regarding my five applications for an open DDA board seat and subsequent denials by Mayor Tall.

Jan. 24 a DDA board member asked if I had interest in applying for a long-vacant DDA seat; I said at that time I had applied shortly after opening my business and had never received a response to my application.

Feb. 5 Mayor Tall called to inform me my application was denied. He stated consensus must be reached by council, it was not, so he could not appoint me. He stated council voted informally via email but refused to provide a reason I was denied or by whom.

Feb. 7 and Feb. 21 at city council meetings, no appointments were made.

Feb. 26 I reapplied for the vacant seat.

March 7 and March 21 were regular city council meetings. No appointments were made.

March 25 I emailed Mayor Tall requesting an update on my application.

March 26 Mayor Tall phoned me to say I was denied again, refusing to provide an answer why. He stated he would contact council members for answers, get back to me, but didn’t know when because he was a very busy man.

March 26 I reapplied for the vacant seat.

April 4 Ms. Baribeau was appointed to DDA. She applied 4/2. At the appointment, Tall stated “This is a mayoral appointment and I take suggestions from council.” This is not what I was told.

April 21 another seat became open due to term expiration.

April 23 Ms Baribeau came to me, stated Mayor Tall had personally asked her to apply for the DDA board seat, never mentioning I was repeatedly applying and awaiting answers. She expressed her dissatisfaction with Mayor Tall’s actions.

On April 24 I reapplied for the open seat and filed a request for an investigative committee to be formed to look into why I was denied, refused answers, and the manner in which appointments are made. I requested an answer by May 1.

April 25 at DDA board meeting, the board questioned Mayor Tall on procedure for appointments. This can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

At April 25 City Council meeting no appointments were made. No mention was made of my request for investigation.

May 1st I received no information regarding my request. I reapplied for the DDA seat.

May 2nd at city council, Mayor Tall appointed the last DDA board seat to Mr Spaulding. He applied 4/19.

At the May 16 city council meeting, no mention was made of my request.

I was perfectly qualified to volunteer my time and ideas. I feel I have been disrespected and denied without reason.

Terms are being extended, boards/committees/commission seats remain vacant, the same people are being recycled. This is what’s happening in Escanaba.

Shame on Mr. Blasier for his “X” article. Shame on Mayor Tall for denying my five DDA applications and ignoring my requests for answers as to why. #EnoughEscanaba

Kelly van Ginhoven



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