What’s happening to the economy?


Interesting. Where are we going in the present economy? What is happening?

The malls closed main street. The internet is closing the malls! Then what?

Stores are closing. Could it be that our little main street will eventually be back, with a fresh look of family-owned businesses such as what we had before?

Places like our own locally owned True Value, Elmer’s, Saykllys Candies will still be here. Peg O’Connell is working to save main street.

The question remains about the general economy and population. Who will have the money to stimulate it? Are we seeing the end of a good thing, with goods and services?

We’d better have plans to manage well. Countries like our America won’t be able to keep the peace. Our war machine may dwindle. Our graying population may not have the money to buy expensive computers or the will to use them to buy online.

We will need tradesmen with skills to reopen our little shops on main street.

Our young people need to study business and how to set up new businesses. They will be needed to pick up the tab on the economic blunders of our so called politicians. Our banks will have to continue to help our innovative people.

American towns will eventually return. No need for huge franchises, who come and go, like the weather. They use us, then dump us.

Our young generations coming up, will save us.

Mary Snyder

Ford River