A lesson in judgement


Black Friday is a bargain hunters delight. Everyone hits the stores for those special deals. My husband and I were no different. We noted an advertisement for a recliner chair at Menards. After traversing through hundreds of people, we found and got in line, to purchase the chair.

A young man and his wife were ahead of us in line. He wore a fairly long beard, and sported numerous tattoos. I immediately judged him as a tough street dude. I quietly said to my husband, “how in the world will we be able to get this huge box in our truck.” The store attendants were overwhelmed so that didn’t seem a possibility.

The young man turned around and softly said, “I would be happy to help you.” My wife can load our smaller purchases alone. He waited until we checked out, and followed us to our truck. He then loaded this heavy box. He was so completely kind and gentle. He then even returned the large store cart to the building.

I thought about his kindness throughout the day and many times since. We so often mistakenly judge others strictly on appearances not knowing their hearts. I felt such guilt over this and mentally vowed to never judge another human being in this way. This young man and his wife were special people with kind and gentle hearts. I thank them so much from the bottom of my heart and wish them a most blessed holiday season.

I also wish to thank a dear women in Shopko’s lobby who offered me, a complete stranger, a ride home when I couldn’t find my husband. God bless all these kind folks who have made me a relative new resident of the area, feel so welcome. The Escanaba Area is a very special place.

Dee and Gordon Morgan