Showing true colors


Duty, honor, integrity. The basic traits of our military. Our present Commander in Chief lacks all of these. He has shown his true colors in dealing with the death of the honorable John McCain. As all America mourns, our Commander in Chief shows his personal disrespect for a great American hero. He puts his personal feelings first and foremost. He has said he would not want to be in a foxhole with John McCain because he is not a hero because he was captured. As Commander in Chief, he is truly an embarrassment to all military, both past and present. He only uses us to promote his political agenda and garner votes. Having taken five deferments, he knows nothing about a military Code of Honor. How can we as veterans look up to and respect him when this is how he treats one of our greatest and bravest? May John McCain rest in peace.

Don Kopacz

US Army 1966-68