Secure borders


Imagine you are tired from a long day at work. To tired to cook so you stop at the local takeout, to grab a pizza. As you enter your home, you find me with a baby in my arms, who had entered through an open window. Would you scream and holler as the baby was taken from unwilling arms or would you praise the authorities for their prompt action. Would the pleas for a safe/comfortable chair fall on deaf ears.

Businesses close for the day, they secure their building. You leave your home, you secure your house and property. You go shopping, you secure your vehicle. Yet for some reason Congress cannot secure our border with Mexico. We have homeless people and children that go to bed hungry every night. Yet it appears that we have new values. We have prisons and jails for real criminals. We have sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Instead of working together to make this country a far better place by going high, certain members of the once time-honored Congress has been elevated to the level of a soap opera called Resist and Obstruct

Sandra Borden

Bark River.