Escanaba city clerk hiring


My (FOIA) request came back it showed that (HR) department drafted and posted the clerk’s position. Posting and job requirement were never brought to council. It was Mayor Tall’s responsibility to do so. He failed to follow proper procedure. He should have passed the posting onto council for review and discussion. That would have gave council a heads up. Council then could of accepted it as is or made changes.

Council lost its ability to serve properly by Mayor Tall’s conduct. Holding documents from being shared with council, was not a mistake. His actions affected the clerk’s office directly. It also impacted the county clerks office as well. This also affected an employee’s chance to advance. She now has to train her boss after 11.5 years of service in that office with a spotless record. Council had ranked applicants of their choice. Tall never included this employee in his list sent to the (HR) department. (Do you see a pattern here). Past councils had (3) employee’s clerk, assessor, and manager. The way this issue was conducted, this council has (2) employee’s, Mayor Tall having (1). Did he even look at this employee’s resume. Tall said quote “Jim, we are dealing with apples and oranges. Miss (*****) has all the experience, the others don’t.” So if she has all the experience, then why was she not on Tall’s list. This is not his first time, he was on council, which affected the way I conducted business. Family and friends helped protect it. Through the election process, voters made changes to prevent that from happening again, I was grateful. Mayor Tall’s returns to council with the same personal agenda as the past.

Council member Schumann ranked this employee a (4) with (1) being most qualified Schumann said quote (Jim, Wouldn’t it be great if (*****) was promoted after going through this hiring process) Unquote. During the interview of the applicant’s, Council Member Schumann offered very little questions. She said Quote (I don’t know what questions to ask. I’m going to leave the questions to you the council) Unquote. This was on a Tuesday, the voting to hire was (2) days later, when council member Schumann was 100 percent certain of her choice. (Do you see a pattern here) Did council member Schumann even read the apps? I’ve been following the council meeting for quite some time now, and found that council member Schumann offers very little, when it comes to the issues at the council meeting. She hardly offers any, comments, concerns or suggestion.

Is she offering the same commitment to her council packets, as she did in reading this employee’s resume. Council member Schumann only stated that she had no questions during this employee interview and not the other (2) applicants. What are the motives behind these two council members? They are there to serve the community, not themselves. The 2021 election is going to be important to put a end to this conduct.

Jim Berthiaume



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