A view on climate change


So Kevin Crupl thinks that the global warming or cooling or whatever, is the cause of the floods in the Copper Country. Let’s take a look at some of his points.

He says that it is a well-documented, increase in global average temperature. In the last hundred years the temperature, according to some experts went up .3 degrees. That is 3/10 of a degree so instead of 99 degrees, it is now 99.3 degrees.

Mr. Crupl says that because of climate change (warm or cold, I don’t know) there will be more excessive downpours leading to more flooding. A few sentences later he states that those areas that miss the downpours will have droughts. I went on vacation and drove between Las Vegas and Death Valley. When you don’t have rain, you have droughts. The Island of Kauai has an area that is recognized as the wettest spot on Earth — over 300 inches a year. No droughts there!

In Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, Lower Manhattan should be underwater by now. There will be fish in the roads in Miami! The coastlines of our country is going to drastically change. Hang on a minute! It didn’t happen. Wait! What?

The solo polar bear floating on a fast-melting ice flow is enough to get half the population to believe that polar bears are going extinct. Not so fast. There are some indications that the polar bear population is doing just fine.

“The Arctic Ice is melting fast”, however, there are at least two ships that got stuck in the ice while trying to measure how fast the ice was melting.

Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone layer? There were whole villages in South America that were going to be fried because of that nasty hole. Way back in the 1970s, “experts” said that cancer rates were rising in some native villages. We never saw these villages. But, chlorofluorocarbons was the problem. We had to get rid of all of the aerosol cans. Follow the money. Some companies got rich off of getting us off the aerosol cans.

Tom Grant