Problems with Ludington Park gazebo


I was born and raised in Escanaba and I love Ludington Park and its million dollar view of the water. But, I’m disappointed in the condition of its memorial fountain and gazebo.

My granddaughter, Taylor, lovingly planned every detail of her July 15 wedding to take place at the gazebo, which is rented out by the city for occasions like hers and for the wedding ceremony that took place immediately before hers. There were a few problems that she should not have had to deal with and that I think the city should address:

First, the grass was over ankle high and there was litter in the shrubbery, causing Taylor’s father and grandfather to haul a mower to the park at 5:30 a.m. in the morning, pick up litter and mow the city’s lawn!

Next, the gazebo itself needs painting badly and moss has sprouted on the roof shingles. It makes me wonder if it’s ever been painted since it was built.

Last, but defiantly not least, is the beautiful fountain that was build in 1961 to honor our veterans. It hadn’t been cleaned of dirt and debris for the occasions scheduled for that day and it was leaking all around the base creating puddles along the walkway. Picture the bride and her bridesmaids holding up their lovely long gowns to tiptoe through the puddles while they’re being filmed by the wedding videographer.

I know some people won’t think that this is a big deal, but it is to me, to my granddaughter, to her wedding party, to her family, and to all the guests who attended. A beautiful wedding in the park should be promotional material for the city, not an afterthought coming across the desk at Parks and Rec.

I hope these problems will be fixed so we can be proud of our city and its beautiful park on the water.

Charlene Scheeneman

Bark River