Bear, cub sightings in Gladstone

GLADSTONE — The Department of Natural Resources has received several calls of sightings of a bear and cubs in the Gladstone area, according to Gladstone Public Safety.

Residents are advised not to approach bears; secure food, garbage and recycling; remove bird feeders when bears are active; not leave pet foods outdoors; and clean grills after each use to remove all grease, fat, and food particles that might attract bears.

If you see a black bear before it notices you, do not approach it. Stand still and then quietly move away. If the bear sees you first, back away slowly. Never run from a bear, as that may trigger a chase response.

If a bear approaches, hold your ground, wave your arms and yell “Hey bear” until it leaves. If you are in a group, do not separate. If the bear continues to approach, use bear spray.

If it makes contact, do not play dead; fight back aggressively.


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