Man charged with robbing grocery store

MENOMINEE — A Marinette, Wis. man has been charged with armed robbery after allegedly robbing a Menominee grocery store at gunpoint.

Robert John-Walter Wilson, 42, of Marinette was arraigned 95-A District Court following his arrest. Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery T. Rogg charged Wilson with armed robbery and assault with intent to rob while armed. Each charge is a felony and carries a possible sentence of life in prison or any term of years.

According to the prosecuting attorney’s office, on May 30 a cashier in the liquor department at Jack’s Fresh Market in Menominee called the Menominee Police Department to report the store had been robbed. She told officers a man entered the store around 8:30 p.m. He gave the cashier a hand-written note which stated “I have a gun give me money and no one gets hurt.” The cashier said the man put his hand in his pocket to mimic hold a gun. He then said “I’m not messing around and I’ll blast you.”

He escaped with about $750.

After officers reviewed the store’s surveillance video footage, the man was quickly located at the nearby Holiday gas station. Police identified him as the man in the video and he was arrested.

Rogg commended the bravery of the workers at Jack’s Fresh Market and the efficiency of the Menominee Police Department.

“Thank you to the Menominee Police Department for solving this crime so quickly. As we unravel the web woven by the defendant, we send a resounding message to all who dare to challenge the integrity of our community. There is no sanctuary for those who trample upon the principles of law and order,” Rogg said.

Wilson is being represented by court-appointed attorney Abbey Anderson.

A probable cause hearing has been scheduled for June 14 and a preliminary examination on June 26. A $150,000 surety bond has been set.


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