Delta virus cases up by 48, one death

ESCANABA — Delta County’s COVID-19 cases climbed by 48 over 24 hours and an additional death and probable death was reported, according to data collected by the state of Michigan.

The Upper Peninsula had 4,667 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 790 probable cases, 83 deaths and six probable death linked to the disease as of Thursday, according to state officials.

Delta County had a total of 964 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 133 probable cases and 20 deaths and two probable deaths and Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 279; Menominee County had 576 confirmed cases, 79 probable cases and three deaths and Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 312; Schoolcraft County had 56 confirmed cases and four probable cases and one probable death and Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 27.

Elsewhere in the peninsula, Alger County had 78 confirmed cases and 25 probable cases and one death and and Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 18; Baraga County had 65 confirmed cases, 13 probable cases and 4 deaths; Chippewa County had 67 confirmed cases and 50 probable cases; Dickinson County had 518 confirmed cases, 11 probable case and 14 deaths and one probable death; Gogebic County had 233 confirmed cases, 103 probable cases, one death and one probable death; Houghton County had 735 confirmed cases, 150 probable cases and eight deaths; Iron County had 366 confirmed cases, 32 probable cases and 20 deaths; Keweenaw County had 17 confirmed cases and one probable case; Luce County had 36 confirmed cases and 11 probable case and and Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 13; Mackinac County had 118 confirmed cases and 29 probable cases, Recovered Cases (includes Probable Cases): 57; Marquette County had 766 confirmed cases, 143 probable cases and 12 deaths; and Ontonagon County had 72 confirmed cases and 6 probable cases.

The state does not include infections or deaths within the Michigan Department of Corrections system in county-by-county counts.

Public Health, Delta & Menominee Counties (PHDM) has identified a site of potential exposure to COVID-19. The agency listed the site as Broad Axe Saloon, N16510 Main Street, Hermansville, from October 17 through October 19.

“Individuals visiting this location may be at a higher risk for exposure if larger crowds were present and masking and social distancing guidelines were not consistently followed,” health official;s said.

PHDM is recommending that anyone who visited this location during the identified time frame above monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19 and contact your medical provider should you become symptomatic. Symptoms will typically appear within two to 14 days of the exposure. Symptoms may include: fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

“As always, PHDM continues to recommend adhering to all social distancing and hygienic practices needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including wearing a face mask, avoiding large gatherings, and maintaining social distancing when around other people. Avoid sharing personal items such as utensils, water bottles, and cell phones,” health officials said.

If your symptoms worsen to the point of needing emergency care, call 911 and notify the dispatcher of your symptoms or any potential exposure.


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