Recall petition language fails

MANISTIQUE — A recall petition language submission focusing on Mayor Michael Perilloux of Manistique will not be allowed to go forward, the Schoolcraft County Election Commission determined in a clarity hearing Tuesday.

“The written statement, on its face, was found to be unclear,” County Clerk Beth Edwards — who is a member of the election commission — said.

Other members of the election commission include Probate Court Judge Charles C. Nebel and County Treasurer Julie Roscioli. The ­election commission’s vote not to allow the language to go forward was unanimous.

Perilloux issued a statement after the clarity hearing.

“The Board of Elections has made a ruling and got it right 3-0. The language on the petition is not clear and no recall petition will move forward. I also see it as unclear and there is no reason for any sort of recall,” he said in the statement.

The recall petition language in question was submitted to the county on June 5. It was sponsored by Manistique resident Don Bedwell.

The language claimed Perilloux no longer serves Manistique’s best interests, citing as an example a letter to the editor sent to the Pioneer Tribune. In the letter, dated April 18, Perilloux was said to describe usage of the Freedom of Information Act by citizens as “threats and weapons.”

The language also stated Perilloux used his position to “bias” attendees of a Manistique City Council meeting held on April 22 by placing printouts of a Facebook page on chairs before the meeting and citing them as proof that a non-profit organization in the area was dividing the community.

While the election commission’s vote marks the end of this recall petition process, Bedwell or another sponsor living in Manistique will have the option of developing new recall petition language focusing on Perilloux. The new language could then be submitted to the election commission.


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