Snow takes toll on buildings in Esky

Clarissa Kell | Daily Press The roof of the Loft’s on Ludington parking garage roof collapsed Thursday afternoon. Debris from the collapse surrounds a vehicle parked near the corner of the structure.

ESCANABA — Heavy snow accumulation coupled with the recent warm weather and rain is taking its toll on many local buildings. The roofs of Wickert Floral and the Lofts of Ludington’s parking garage are some of the weather’s newest casualties.

The roof of Wickert Floral’s Ludington Street store collapsed Wednesday afternoon and the roof of the Lofts of Ludington’s parking garage collapsed Thursday afternoon.

Owner of Wickert Floral Gordon Cashen said the incident at his store happened at about 4:45 p.m. Wednesday. Karen Moore, who was the only employee at Wickert Floral at the time, heard the roof cave in and the sound of running water, and she called Cashen to report the situation.

The back quarter of the store building’s roof caved in above an upstairs area which was once a theater but is now used as storage space. In addition to the collapse itself, the building has suffered water damage.

Cashen said the roof of Wickert Floral is angled so that water runs back and to the left. Rain and melted snow flowed to the corner before the collapse, and weight was added to existing snow on the roof by rain Wednesday.

No one was injured by the collapse. A damage estimate was not available yet with the continuing of water flowing into the back of the building. However, Cashen said he expects even a temporary fix to cost quite a bit.

Wickert Floral is fulfilling orders it had taken earlier but was otherwise closed. Cashen said he was working to re-open the store elsewhere.

“We’ll find a temporary location,” he said, noting he expects the move to take a day or so.