Winners of Student Poster Symposium named

ESCANABA — Bay College’s Student Poster Symposium, held annually and as part of the Creative Collective, once again provided a platform for students to showcase their academic prowess and innovative research. The event, which was held on April 18, allowed students to showcase their coursework in an open forum by presenting their work in poster format, and discussing their work in more detail with the attendees.

The Student Poster Symposium, facilitated by Dr. Matthew Krynicki, Bay College physics, engineering mechanics, and astronomy instructor, proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills and gain insights into the diverse realms of academic inquiry. “The symposium not only fosters the development of presentation skills, but also prepares students for the next phase of their academic journey,” said Dr. Krynicki.

This year’s symposium featured a wide array of topics, ranging from experimental analysis to practical applications in healthcare. Students shared their research findings and engaged in meaningful discussions with attendees.

The top posters are now on display in the Math/Science building hallway. The winning posters are as follows:

1st Place: “Unknown Spectroscopy,” by Sierra Jones

2nd Place: “Exploring Charge Dynamics: An Experimental Analysis of RC Circuits through Differential Equations,” by Daxton Degrave, Allison Richer, and Cade LaFavor

3rd Place: “Synthesis of Aspirin,” by Hannah Haataja

Honorable Mention: “Hooke’s Law and Simple Harmonic Motion,” by Adria Norden, Hannah Casey, Austin Stephens, and Carly Hansen

Honorable Mention: “Responding to Life-Threatening Bleeding,” by Thomas LaTourneau, Aron Salter, Kennedy Englund, and Kacie Derocher

These outstanding posters exemplify the dedication, creativity, and scholarly rigor demonstrated by Bay College Students.

The Student Poster Symposium continues to serve as a testament to the commitment of Bay College to foster academic excellence and provide students with opportunities to showcase their talents and contributions to the community.


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