Hydrant flushing planned in Gladstone

GLADSTONE — The city of Gladstone will be flushing fire hydrants this week, which can cause water in neighboring homes to be discolored.

The flushing will take place between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. beginning Monday, Sept. 10, and continuing through Thursday, Sept. 13. The annual flushing of water mains is a maintenance process that improves water quality at the tap by removing accumulated minerals, sediment and tuberculation — a buildup common in iron pipes that reduces its ability to transmit water. The process also allows the city to identify hydrants in need of repair.

The flushing process can cause low water pressure and frequently disturbs the accumulated minerals and sediment in the water mains. The quick release of water from a hydrant causes the minerals and sediments to dissolve and temporarily discolor the water delivered to homes and businesses. Although the water is perfectly safe, the city recommends running a cold water tap for several minutes to help clear the discoloration before using it for drinking or laundry.

Hydrant flushings will take place on Monday, Sept. 10, on all water mains west of 1st Street to 18th Street, south of Railway; Tuesday, Sept. 11 north of Railway Avenue and the west side of US-2 & 41 and North Bluff Drive; Wednesday, Sept. 12, on North Bluff Drive and South Bluff, and Thursday on South Bluff.

Residents with questions are asked to contact the Gladstone Water Department at 906-428-3460.