The beating heart of the Upper Peninsula

ESCANABA — The latest Pure Michigan commercial was unveiled at the Island Resort and Casino on Monday to an audience of tourism and community leaders who have been anxiously waiting to see it since the Hannahville Indian Community announced its partnership with Travel Michigan in October 2017. It tugged at our heartstrings because it was not so much about what visitors are going to do but rather how they’re going to feel when they’re here.

The purest of Pure Michigan commercial features the distinctive voice of Michigan native, Tim Allen, as he describes, and you hear, the perfect resting heart beating at 60 beats per minute. The serene woods and water backdrop changes and the audible heart beat increases as the commercial showcases spectacular views of people interacting with the wonderful natural resources available in the Upper Peninsula.

The ad paints a pretty inspiring picture of our peninsula. The entire region will benefit thanks to the support of revenue sharing funds ($500,000 annually) provided by Hannahville that now allows Travel Michigan to launch a national multi-media advertising campaign to entice visitors to the U.P.

During his introductory remarks, Travel Michigan Vice President Dave Lorenz expressed his appreciation for the partnership with the Hannahville Indian Community. He was quick to point out Hannahville did something they didn’t have to do when they negotiated their compact with the State of Michigan. In keeping with the theme of the commercial, they could have very easily suggested that the ads feature a rapidly beating heart after getting a hole in one at Sweetgrass or a big win at the casino. Rather, they purposefully, thoughtfully made the decision to be part of a campaign to mutually benefit the rest of the greater Upper Peninsula community.

This sentiment was expressed by Island Resort and Casino General Manager Tony Mancilla when he said at the premiere event, “a rising tide raises all ships.” The decision to invest in the undeniably successful Pure Michigan campaign was made to allow Travel Michigan to expand its reach to new travel markets and drive tourism and spending from out-of-state visitors, who are looking for unique experiences, to the Upper Peninsula.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the ad through local media outlets. The latest Purest of Pure Michigan commercial, identifying the U.P. as one of Michigan’s best travel destinations, will launch in April and will mostly be run in nationally targeted markets. However, you can see the ad online at the Chamber’s website, We believe your heart will beat a little faster and you will stand a little taller knowing that the rest of the nation will witness the natural beauty that exists in our own backyard.

— — —

Vickie Micheau is director of the Delta County Chamber of Commerce