Beversluis – Saran

Erica and Vipul Saran

BEVERSLUIS-SARAN — Erica Beversluis, of Escanaba, married Vipul Saran, of Dayalpuri, Muzaffar Nagar, India, on Feb. 18, 2019. Erica is the daughter of Mr. Jonas and Mrs. Vina Beversluis and is the eldest of five siblings, Lauren, Cameron, Hannah and Carter Beversluis. Vipul is the son of Mr. S.P. and Mrs. Anita Saran, and is the youngest of three brothers, Prafull and Anurag Saran (Neha).

The couple met in Ithaca, N.Y. while in graduate school. Erica graduated from Escanaba High School (2008), received a Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College (2012) and holds a Master of Public Administration from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (2017). She currently works at a nonprofit dance theatre serving at-risk youth. Vipul holds a Master of Food Science and Technology from Cornell (2017). He is employed by Farther Farms, a food technology company. The couple reside in Rochester, N.Y. and are planning a second marriage ceremony and celebration in July at her parents’ Rapid River Lake Michigan home.


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