Finding the right wedding gift can be difficult

METRO — Many people rely on bridal registries when buying wedding gifts for their loved ones. But for those who put off buying wedding gifts until registries have been picked clean, finding the right gift can sometimes be difficult. Even if men and women do not intend to buy wedding gifts directly off a couple’s registry, it’s best to first visit that registry to ensure that the gift that is ultimately purchased is not a duplicate gift. Shoppers who do know what to get the happy couple can consider the following gift ideas.

Luggage: Many couples put luggage on their wedding registries, so shoppers should double check before purchasing any luggage for the happy couple. Couples about to go on their honeymoons may love a new set of sturdy luggage for their travels, while others with a love of travel may appreciate being able to replace luggage that’s bore the brunt of their globetrotting in recent years.

Airline miles: Though it might be unconventional, gifting airline miles to the happy couple may save them hundreds of dollars. Men and women with ample airline miles should determine if their agreement allows them to transfer those miles to a loved one. If so, transferring the miles won’t cost the person doing the gifting any money out of pocket, but it can save couples substantial amounts of money on their next trip, including their honeymoon if they have yet to book one.

Experience: Many people have embraced gifting an experience instead of an item to their loved ones. Some companies even facilitate such gifts to newlyweds. Websites like Traveler’s Joy allow couples to establish honeymoon registries, building them with activities and experiences they hope to enjoy on their trips. Loved ones can then gift money toward those activities, providing a win-win situation for people who would prefer to gift an experience and ensuring couples’ honeymoons will be that much more memorable.

Cash: Cash may seem impersonal, but couples tying the knot will no doubt appreciate an infusion of cash after saying “I do.” According to The Knot, the average wedding cost more than $35,000 in 2016. Even couples whose parents foot the bill for their weddings will appreciate having some extra money on hand that they can use on their honeymoons or put toward a home.


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