Tips for guests looking for lodging

METRO — Couples about to tie the knot often arrange for discounted hotel rooms for their wedding guests. Many hotels offer substantial discounts to wedding parties, but some guests and bridal party members might still want to examine their options before booking rooms. The following tips can help guests find the right room so they can enjoy their loved ones’ wedding weekends to the fullest.

Don’t overlook the wedding hotel. Many couples put a lot of thought into the hotel where their guests will be staying. Couples may have already done the legwork with regard to finding a hotel that’s closest to the wedding ceremony and receptions sites and still within arm’s-length of other attractions guests can enjoy while in town. Give ample consideration to the hotel or hotels affiliated with the wedding prior to beginning your search, even if the hotel is a chain you have never used before or have not liked in the past.

Prioritize proximity. It’s important to consider factors aside from cost when searching for a place to stay for a loved one’s wedding. The most affordable option is not always the most ideal. Proximity to the ceremony and reception venues should be a priority, as guests won’t save much money, if any, if their hotel is so far away from the weekend’s activities that they must rent cars or take taxis all weekend.

Share rooms to reduce costs. If the wedding rates are unaffordable, float the idea of sharing rooms with fellow guests. Splitting the cost of a double room instead of booking a single room by yourself can save substantial amounts of money. And staying in the hotel with many of the other guests will make you feel like you are not missing out on anything during your stay.

Look for lower rates in the wedding hotel. Room rates are locked in once couples choose a particular hotel or hotels, but guests might be able to find more affordable rates at the same hotel by waiting to book and perusing discount hotel websites and apps.