Neurologists to speak at symposium

IRON MOUNTAIN — The Parkinson Society will host the second annual Parkinson’s Disease symposium at Bay College West Campus in Iron Mountain on Friday, Sept. 22. Two neurologists will be on board to join David Zid and Mary Sue Lanigan as program presenters.

Dr. Patti Peterson, a local neurologist at Dickinson Neurology Associates, an Iron Mountain, NMU, and Wayne State School of Medicine graduate, will speak about recognition of symptoms and the process of diagnosing Parkinson’s disease. In her current practice Dr. Peterson focuses primarily on patients with Parkinson’s disease. The title of her talk is “and Why Do You Say I Have Parkinson’s Disease?”

Dr. Peterson will also be on the panel during the question and answer portion of the symposium in the afternoon.

The luncheon speaker will be Dr. Lori Guyton, board certified neurologist from southern Illinois. In her practice she treats many neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease. She is employed by the American Academy of Neurology of Illinois State Medical School. She was president of Southern Illinois Medical Society in 2013, and she has been a speaker for hundreds of neurology focused talks. Her topic is titled, “Parkinson’s Disease: More Than Motor Symptoms.”

The symposium will open for registration at 8:30 a.m. with the programs beginning at 9 a.m. CST. Along with the speakers, will be health and wellness displays and personnel to answer questions. Also a special breakout room for caregivers will be available. Oggie St. Martin, Tracy Blagec, and Pat Ihler will be on hand to assist caregivers with any issues or concerns related to caring for a loved one.

The afternoon will feature a panel of “experts” to answer any questions you may have relating to Parkinson’s Disease, followed by a final motivational talk by David Zid.

A light arrival breakfast and lunch will be available free to all who register. The deadline for registration is Sept. 12 and can be done by calling (906) 774-0332 or (906)774-2821, or mail to Pauline at 1876 Mary’s Way, Kingsford, MI. 49802. Walk ins will be accommodated only if food and space permit.

The symposium is open to residents of the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin, especially those affected by Parkinson’s disease.