Honoring all fathers with a bit of poetry

Dear Readers: Fathers and father figures deserve more than one day of recognition for all their work and love, and the amount of beautiful words sent in reflected this. Below are a few more moving tributes submitted for Father’s Day.

‘My Father’s Example’

A father gives instruction to his family,

Is willing to go the extra mile.

Always willing to help others

Leaving them with a joyful smile.

He is an example of what it means

To have a walk with God.

Gives his children a desire to follow,

The path of faith that he has trod.

He is willing to rise up early,

To provide the needs for the home.

Never grumbling but ever faithful,

Without a grudge or a moan.

When in times of distress

And trouble is knocking at the door,

Father keeps an upbeat mood,

Just as he was the day before.

Although corrections in life must come

To mold us to walk the “narrow way,”

You know they are coming from a heart of love

That will last forever and always.

When not a word is spoken

You can have a confident trust,

That dad is right beside you

Giving your feeble heart a rush.

If I could have one prayer

While walking on this earth,

It is that I could be just like my dad

On the day of my child’s birth.

–Dana B. Wagner, author

Here’s another Father’s Day poem submission by C. David Hay of the Villages, Florida:

‘Little Man’

Little Man, how fast you grew

And went the way all children do

Into a world you’ve yet to know;

You needed room to stretch and grow.

I watched with pride as you felt your way

And tested strengths in work and play;

We shared our fun as buddies do –

When you were cut I bled some too.

I’ll always treasure those memories past,

Could prayers but make the good times last,

But boys were meant to grow up strong

And daddies can’t just tag along.

So I hope you know and understand

I’m always near if you need a hand,

And of all God’s gifts could I choose but one –

It would be a father’s love for his son.

–C. David Hay

And here’s a final tribute to fathers everywhere:

‘The Best Father in the World’

In our family we had plenty of boys and girls

But we also had the best father in the world.

Our father taught us to study and work for our goals

And he was the best example and mentor for that role.

We were never allowed to be ugly, nasty or rude

And we were always taught love, discipline and a positive attitude.

If we tried to be unruly, crazy and other dumb stuff

Our father would always talk with us and say, “That’s enough!”

Our father taught and preached that education was the way

That’s why we had to read and study almost every day.

We were always encouraged to do our very best in school

Never were we allowed to act dumb or be like fools.

When life sometimes got uneven, difficult and a little rough

Our father always reminded us that we had the “right stuff.”

Our father taught us to always respect ourselves and others

He insisted we treat them as if our sisters and brothers.

Our father allowed us to grow and become decent adults

Today we are living proof of his diligence and loving results.

So imagine how proud we are when our boys and girls

Tell everyone that they have the best father in the world.

— — —

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