Brighton bakery’s rescheduled TV segment set to air in April

By JENNIFER TIMAR Livingston Daily

BRIGHTON (AP) — Husband and wife Brighton bakery owners Keri and Greg Hayes were handed a big disappointment in March when the Home Shopping Network canceled taping shows due to the coronavirus.

“We got bumped,” Keri Hayes, who co-owns Whey Better Bakery and a fitness studio with her husband, told the Livingston Daily.

A 10-minute spot featuring their dark cocoa peanut butter cups originally was supposed to air March 16 on the television network.

However, a few days prior to their air date, a network representative informed her production at the network’s St. Petersburg, Florida studio was shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“They cleaned out the kitchen (at the HSN studio) and wanted people to work remotely,” Hayes said. “The Friday before our airing, I got an email saying we’d been put on hold.”

A segment on Whey Better Bakery is now scheduled to air at 5 p.m. April 20.

She said HSN’s purchase agreement is for 19,000 peanut butter cups to sell live on television and through its website.

They bake healthier versions of popular junk foods and use whey protein powder and high-protein oatmeal in lieu of flour. They limit how much sugar they put in their doughnuts, peanut butter bars and cups, cookies, muffins and other baked goods.

They made 400 boxes of peanut butter cups in preparation for the show out of a shared commercial kitchen in Plymouth, Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen. Those boxes went into storage.

“We were happy that the day before they canceled, they launched us on their website. When I found out that it wasn’t completely canceled, I was so excited,” she said. “I had over 300 people share our post about it and support us. … It led to orders.”

Orders for 24 peanut butter cups are sold through the network. The bakery is also selling subscriptions for monthly deliveries of peanut butter cups.

She said they have sold 36 orders through the hsn.com and 22 orders through the bakery’s website, wheybetterbakery.com, as of early April.