Campaign says ‘Stop the Spread’

DETROIT (AP) — Some small business owners and grassroots organizers in Michigan are hoping to encourage people to stay at home for at least 15 consecutive days to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The #ShutItDown! Stop the Spread campaign was started Thursday and hopes to get at least 25,000 people to sign an online pledge.

As of Friday, about 12,700 people in Michigan had tested positive for the disease and 479 people had died.

Campaign manager and Detroit small business owner Darci McConnell said organizations and individuals are asked to educate their immediate circle of family and friends, use phone banks, social media and other tools to reach out to their memberships, teach people what it means to stay inside and host video chats to educate others.

“I came up with the idea after hearing stories about people who are not heeding the order, or who are misinterpreting what it means to shelter inside,” McConnell said. “I reached out to people I knew, and they reached out to others, to see if we could initiate something that mirrors the best political campaigns.”