Springtime can make you dizzy with memories

MARQUETTE — “Stop and smell the roses, baby I can’t hardly see,” – Steve Forbert There’s a smell to the air in the springtime that makes me dizzy with memories. Something about the cold and damp in the winds too that makes me recall with ease many of those childhood times. I ...

A nighttime search for elusive backyard owls

MARQUETTE — “In the still of the night, I held you, held you tight,” – Fred Parris When I woke up, the room was bathed in a wash of blue-light, television glow. I had fallen asleep on the couch. It was now about 4 o’clock in the morning. I shut off the box and walked my snack ...

Watching the last breaths of icy-cold wintertime

MARQUETTE — “Riding the storm out, waiting for the thaw out,” – Gary Richrath After a few days of elated joy brought on by the arrival of springtime to these great north woods, nature dug into its bag of tricks and lobbed up at least one more googly ball of splat. Overnight, ...

10-point buck

Courtesy photo Terence Hirn of Ford River shot a nice 10-pointer opening day with his bow — his second one with bow. Last year he got an eight-pointer on October 3, his birthday.

Youth hunt success

Courtesy photo Nathan Polley, age 7, of Gladstone got his first buck September 11 at 7:25 a.m. He bagged the 8 point buck at his family’s camp in Iron County.

Column: The world was small, but big to us

MARQUETTE — “It’s a million miles to the city from the hills and valleys we know; it’s a million miles to the city and someday we all want to go,” – Tom T. Hall When I was a little kid, the world we knew was small, but it was big to us. We seemed to have everything around us ...