Terrace Bluff women

GLADSTONE — Wendy Hathaway led the Terrace Bluff Women’s League Tuesday, shooting the low round of 43. She was followed by Jane Kleiman 44, Amy Stupak and Judy LaFleur 45, Ann LaBumbard 46, Geri Alanko and Betty Fleury 47, Naty Steele and Nancy Sabor 48, and Melissa Becotte, Mel Beauchamp, Caron Salo and Becky Pouliot 49.

Highland men

HYDE — Jeff Lampi led the Highland Men’s League Tuesday, shooting the low round of 70. He was followed by Mike Brayak 73, Mark Ray 74, Doug Motto, Buckwheat, Dennis Dittrich and Steve VanEnkevort 75, Mark Johnson and Jim Peltier 77, Mark Kleiman 78, and Dave Hosking, Darryl McKnight, Dennis Porath and Dick Puddy 79.