Area powerlifters compete at Newberry

Courtesy photo Area powerlifters competed at Newberry High School Saturday. Pictured from left: Rapid River's Damon Smith, Bryce Lundquist, Ishmael Hernandez, coach Scott Larson, James Gillmer, Gunnar Larson, and Gladstone's Ahna Larson.

NEWBERRY — Rapid River’s Gunnar Larson won first place in his powerlifting weight class with a 365 squat, 335 bench and 510 deadlift.

Gunnar took second overall with 1,210 points.

Montel Glover of Stephenson won with 1,245 points.

Rapid River’s James Gillmer took second in his division with a 280 squat, 200 bench and 385 dead lift for 865 points. Ishmael Hernandez was second in his division with a 195 squat, 145 bench, and 245 deadlift for 585 points.

Damon Smith was third in his division with 690 points and Bryce Lundquist was fourth in his division with 750.

Bark River-Harris’ Trevor Denver took first in his division with a 235 squat, 195 bench, and 305 dead lift for 735 points. Josh Javurek was second in his division with a 195 squat, 95 bench and 210 dead lift for 500 points.

Charlie Guenette took second in his division with a 235 squat, 115 bench, and 230 deadlift.

In their respective divisions, Clay Eichorn was third and Blake Stenberg took fourth.

In the women’s division, Gladstone’s Ahna Larson was first in her class and the second place overall female with a 170 squat, 105 bench, and 225 deadlift for 500 points. Ahna tied for second with Stephenson’s Amanda Starzynski.

Katie Via was first in her division with a 165 squat, 105 bench, and 215 deadlift for 485 points.


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