Biden holds record for lowest number of press conferences

WASHINGTON — Press conferences? “No, we’re good,” implies the Biden administration. And the liberal media allows President Joe Biden to get away with it. No president in recorded history has done fewer. It is a basic part of his job. But he insists he is ready for four more years in office.

It must be nice being Biden. He gets away with things that all the recent presidents would never be allowed to get away with. That must be one of the benefits of old age.

Heck, if former presidents Barack Obama or George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush had allowed millions of illegal immigrants to invade America, they would have been kicked to the curb. Does anyone not believe that?

A recent Gallup poll states that most Americans see the border invasion as a “critical threat” to our security. At a minimum, every “gotaway” is a national security threat. But Biden does nothing but blame others. Protecting America is another basic part of his job.

As America’s oldest president, Biden seems to get graded on a curve or we have dramatically lowered the bar for him.

Biden takes advantage of his advantages. No tough questions for him. He picks only those reporters who can talk nicely to him.

Yes, you can scream a question to him while he walks to Marine One (his presidential helicopter). Or you can ask a question or two when he is doing a staged event, like when he is eating ice cream in a store.

A definitive non-biased assessment of Biden’s tenure in office would depict him as not doing the fundamentals of the job.

Press conferences allow all Americans to get an immediate regular report on what is going on and what the president has planned. They also allow the media to question the president. This is important because 330 million Americans cannot do so all at once. The best and brightest reporters are given this task and have done it so admirably for over 100 years.

Let’s look at the numbers. Former President Donald Trump did 88 press conferences to Biden’s 33. Obama did 164. Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a master of communications, did twice as many press conferences in one year as Biden has done in his entire term thus far.

This year Biden did one news conference, kind of. He angrily burst into a small room in the White House in an unscheduled early evening meeting with the White House press. What was it about? It concerned his rebuttal to special counsel Robert Hur who wrote of the president’s mental decline in a recent report.

Why does Biden want to avoid the media, despite many in the media being ultra friendly to him?

Maybe because he would get one of the following questions:

– Mr. President, the Constitution says that the United States must protect each state from an invasion. Are you failing to do that?

– Follow-up, Mr. President: Most Americans believe that what is happening at the Mexican border is an invasion. We are not talking about hundreds or thousands of people crossing over illegally over the last three years; we are talking about millions. Why have you done nothing other than blame Congress?

– Mr. President, why have you rejected a return to the border policies of the Obama administration, which you were a part of?

– Mr. President, why are you asking Congress to fund other countries’ needs before addressing America’s needs? What can you do and what will you do to protect America?

– Mr. President, if a president does not abide by his oath of office and does not protect the Constitution, should he be removed from office?

– Mr. President, you once said while running for office that then-President Trump should be fired due to the 220,000-deaths caused by COVID during his administration. Mr. President, does this mean you should be removed from office since on your watch nearly 800,000 Americans have died of COVID?

– Mr. President, the Supreme Court ruling on abortion declared that it would be unconstitutional for the federal government to address abortion rights. How can the federal government determine abortion rights alone? Wouldn’t it take a Constitutional Amendment? Or should the states be allowed to decide the abortion issue? Proclaiming anything different would be disingenuous?

– Mr. President, prior to your presidency, Americans were spending $100 for groceries a week and now are spending over $120 a week for the same items. How is that better for Americans? Is Bidenomics working?

– Mr. President, why did you allow a Chinese spy balloon to travel across America before shooting it down?

I could go on. But I think you get the point.

Biden needs to be on a platform in prime time addressing these issues from the media and give the American people answers. We are wise enough to fairly evaluate you like we have done past presidents.

A regular press conference in which you respond to tougher questions – can you do it? Will you do it? Can you do one per month?

If done well, this move could actually help you. It could alleviate concerns about your declining mental capabilities. Failing to do so confirms our concerns.

It must be nice being Biden, being old, being treated differently, being given advantages – but it is not good for America.



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