Thank you for support

EDITORS NOTE — Letters to the editor pertaining to the upcoming recall election on May 7, the Delta County Board of Commissioners or related topics are no longer being accepted until after the May 7 recall election. The following letter was received before the April 25 letter deadline.



I would like to take a moment to thank all the citizens of Delta County who have supported the recall effort, which began February 7 with the firing of our very competent and well respected County Administrator, Emily DeSalvo.

Thank you to Christiana Reynolds for forming the Citizens For Ethical Leadership. What started off as a Facebook group of people not knowing what to do but knowing they needed to do something turned into a bi partisan group of more than 850 interested and active participants.

Thank you to our legal team and the three people who filed the recall language, the election commission for approving the language, Judge Ninomiya for denying the language appeal, the county, city, and township clerks for validating signatures and denying numerous frivolous signature challenges.

Thank you to the 3,011 citizens in the three districts who to signed the recall petitions and also citizens in other districts who wanted to sign but couldn’t.

This collaborative bipartisan effort was one to behold. Other local entities in the state are now looking to our efforts as an example for success. I am so deeply proud of us.

There is one step left — vote May 7.

Vote for the person you want in the seat.

Warm regards,

Kelli van Ginhoven



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