Letter response


This letter to the editor is in response to Delta County Commissioner Moyle’s letter of April 11, 2024.

Visualize this:

Tall man, 250 pounds or more, walks into county meeting with his white long sleeve shirt tucked into his blue jeans, and pistol strapped to his belt…somewhat under his belly. Oh today, he must have forgot his navy blue suit coat… he was running a little late. It was almost 5 p.m. and meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. This tall man, 250 pounds or more also likes to let everyone know he has over thirty years of training, teaching and experience with the martial arts and he’s visually impaired (legally blind). He also consults for a school district in Ashland, Wisconsin for the blind.

This man, apparently wanted to enlighten me in his letter to the press on how many citizens of Delta County have CPL licenses and lecture me on our freedoms…you don’t need to waste your breath. But I’m sure you want to play to your audience. Maybe you have forgot that as a elected county commissioner you represent all constituents.

Many of us in the audience have our CPL license and we don’t open carry and we all, know who fought for our freedoms. Thank you veterans.

Mr. Moyle also stated in his letter, “am I do extrapolate from her comments that all concealed weapons holders are Neanderthals and thugs.” My answer is no. Only: Moyle, Petersen, Barron are the Neanderthals and thugs.

He claims I accused him of being heavy handed and intentionally intimidating members of the audience. He is correct. He is intentionally trying to intimidate the audience. He does this every time he hears any noise in the back of the room or front of the room. He hammers the gavel and counts loudly one, two, three and then he’s on his cell phone calling the sheriff to have us removed. All done for the YouTube!

He just lost it with a deaf constituent the other night and was hammering his gavel and on his cell phone calling the sheriff to have her removed…and then ordered a recess. Came back and had to apologize…

Yup, if you watch these meetings on YouTube you can’t hear the audience. But they don’t want you to hear or see the audience because they intentionally moved the audience chairs out of the YouTube range but you continually see Moyle trying to intimidate members of the audience and pounding on the his desk with his gavel to give the impression the audience is out of control for the YouTube.

This woman will not be intimidate by you or silence!

Vote May 7th in the recall election.

Angry woman

Ann Fix



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