Illegal immigration


I am old enough to remember Walter Cronkite, the Huntley/Brinkley report, and I was in my teens when Watergate happened. We watched the “news” back then and most everything was pretty straightforward. Now, we have the “news” media that is split; liberal and conservative. For this, I will use CNN/MSNBC as the liberals, and Newsmax/Fox as the conservatives. If you watch the majority of CNN/MSNBC, you will hear every Democrat politician and pundit spout the same talking points and probably never hear about some of the negative stuff. If you watch Newsmax/Fox, you get the conservative talking points. This is clear when talking about the southern border. CNN/MSNBC doesn’t touch the fact that 11,000 illegal migrants are crossing the border into the U.S. every day. Newsmax/Fox has camera crews all over. Eagle Pass, Texas is the hot spot now. Every Democrat has stated that the border is closed and under control. They are delusional.

Today, Elon Musk went to the border to see for himself. He was blown away at how bad it really is. Musk is not, and has not been a conservative. He voted for Biden. We, the (U.S.) is being invaded. over 5 million have come across since President Biden took office. That is how many that we know of. The big cities of this once-great country have been over-run with these immigrants. At this rate, another 6 million plus will come in by the time another president can be in place. It hasn’t really affected us in this area. Yet. New York City is full. Los Angeles is full. Texas, Arizona, They are over full. We will be feeling the effects sooner or later.

You would think that the “news” would all be reporting this. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, have a good day. For the rest of you, when does it get to the point that you get mad? When do our elected representatives get mad? We should demand that this stuff stops now. There was a group in Texas that formed to stop the migrants. The border police are useless because they have been told to stand down.

Tom Grant



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